Monday, October 18, 2010

The story of The Careless Dancer

The Careless Dancer

This piece is based on the idea that in “the dance of love” any one of us can be (or be paired with) The Careless Dancer. It is an image which represents both the joy and heartache that we risk when we love.  It is the visual story of the progression of a relationship from beginning to end.

The dancer, gracefully poised against the vibrant red and yellow colors, is symbolic of the excitement associated with attraction and feelings of affection.
That image is contrasted with the colors which fade into the darker hues of blues and grays, and serve as the setting for the bleeding heart seen slipping from between her fingers.

Mary Atwood, The Careless Dancer
Copyright 2008

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Cat Zen Space said...

Always cool to learn what the artist was thinking. Beautiful but poignant.